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Probably known as one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts, as well as the world, Salem is known for its ghost stories and crazy paranormal activity.

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The most haunted place in Massachusetts is actually the 200 square miles of southeastern Massachusetts that form the Bridgewater Triangle.

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Infamous for its witchy activities and consequent witch trials, this old New England town is filled with ghost sightings and all kinds of strange occurrences.

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Salem Massachusetts Haunted Hotels For lots of us, traveling is really a distinguishing encounter and maybe not the method of living that we desire for our daily existence.

It is not only a ghostly city, but also home to on of the most significant seaports in America.

Salem, Massachusetts is world-renowned for its infamous persecution and execution of twenty people for witchcraft in 1692-1693.

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Page 1 of 2 - Haunted Inns in Salem Massachusetts??? - posted in Haunted Places: Does anyone know of any haunted Inns in Salem, Massachusetts, or any haunted houses I can visit when I go? Thanx.The mere mention of Salem conjures tales of witch trials and macabre mishaps.First, discover the ghosts, tales and graveyards of Boston on tour in this capitol city followed by a visit to historic Faneuil Hall.

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The Witch House - Jonathan Corwin House Salem, Massachusetts.In a letter to City Council Tuesday, Driscoll said she would not fulfill a request.

Intriguing stories of Salem being a town of witches dominate the Boston suburban town to this day.This 1-hour haunted history tour, ideal for fans of superstition and the supernatural, takes you on a lantern-lit journey to sites of alleged haunting.

It is best known for the relatively short time period that its infamous Witch Trials ran for, yet has far more sinister and scary tales to tell.