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Charming, Jan 3, 2011. I ended up washing it with my darks and the white section got all dingy.If there are yellow sweat stains, like those often found in the armpit area of white shirts, baking soda may be used to remove them.

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Dry the garment in the dryer only when no traces of the stain are apparent.

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Oily stains that do not come out in the wash will look blotchy after washing.Turn clothes inside out before washing to help prevent fading (especially helpful for black garments).To keep your white clothes white, only wash them with other white garments.

Even light colors, like light grey, can ruin your white clothes if you wash them together.

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You may skip the machine washing steps if clothing is a desired white after soaking in vinegar or OxiClean.Many people are washing their white clothes in less-than-ideal conditions, and often it takes just a couple of small changes to get back to crisp -- or at least prevent a future white dress from going bad.

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The pictures in this article use a bigger load than I would normally wash for illustrative purposes.

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When you do a load of whites, use the hottest setting on your washing machine since hot water will lift stains.

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Blot the stain with another clean towel and keep pouring and blotting while moving the stained clothing to clean parts of the towel to prevent the stain from seeping back in.Once you get a handle on the feeding, sleeping, and essential baby care routine, learning to wash baby clothes will follow.

Accidentally washing a red garment with white clothes can leave you with a washing machine full of pink clothes, and an upset family.If there is an X over the symbol, head to your nearest dry cleaners.Heather says: This is an excellent question, thank you so much for submitting it. Vinegar. Vinegar is an acid.But if it has reasonable home washing instructions that you can easily do yourself, then you can try the following: Apply a little liquid dishwashing detergent (the kind you use for hand washing dishes) to the stain and gently rub it in.Each load of clothes should have enough room for good washing action.To wash white clothes, use hot water, which is better at killing germs and bacteria and helps keep clothes whiter.

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The only exception is for people who live in areas where tap water is typically colder — places like Maine and Alaska, where tap water can run at temperatures of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The obvious stuff here includes washing socks, underwear, and t-shirts.To keep white clothes bright, do not wash them with colored clothes.If the stain remains, try the method below to get ink stains out of clothes.Knowing how to wash clothes —without ruining them — is a basic life skill.If your washer is not clean, your white clothing will not be clean and show the results.

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Also, try to avoid machine drying your whites if possible since the dryer can cause stains and discoloration to set.Oh, and while we have you, wash your sheets on a weekly basis as well.You can wash your clothes on a cold cycle and the detergent will do its job and clean your clothes just fine.Before you load up the washing machine, you have to do some prep work such as separating items by color and texture, choosing the right washing cycle, and knowing how much detergent to add.

Before washing for the first time, soak garments in a bucket with one part water and one part white vinegar for 20 minutes.

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If line drying outdoors, colored items should be dried in the shade to prevent fading.Pour two cups of strong tea in the rinse cycle to restore dark colors.